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Car Expert Reacts to FUNNIEST Car Memes Ft. Doctor ER

Funny meme reaction with Jenn from Motor Spins and her husband Doctor ER aka Dr. Jordan Wagner. If you like funny videos and unusual memes then try not to laugh at this hilarious car meme compilation. Real doctor reacts to memes and car expert reacts to meme. These are some of the best memes and dank memes in the world. Jenn and Doctor Jordan Wagner did a doctor collab and reacted to 1000 Ways to Die on Doctor ER. So it was time for the power couple to do a reaction video and meme review on Jenn's tech and automotive channel, Gear Girl. If you want Jenn Barlow to continue making this car reaction series please give this video a like and leave a comment on which TV show or movie you'd show you'd like for her to review next.


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