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Jenn Barlow is a vivacious, adventure-minded, on-air personality, who has a keen sense of humor and a knack for storytelling. As producer, host, and writer for various television programs and documentaries, she has even earned a prestigious Emmy Award for her work.

Currently, she is co-host of HISTORY's, "It's How You Get There." In this incredible travel and tech series, Jenn, Julian, and Sam travel across the country experiencing a variety of exciting transportation modes such as extreme off-road machines that crawl up mountainsides, amazing aircraft that do insane aerobatics, Super Cars that crush their competition, and more. In each episode, you'll find witty banter, adrenalin, competitions, wagers, and of course a little learning along the way.  

Prior to that Jenn Barlow created an original tech series, "Boys Toys" for AWE. In this Emmy Award-winning program, she traveled the world and had the opportunity to ride in the iconic Good Year blimp, drive in the fastest car on the planet, and get a tour of the legendary Bugatti Factory in Molsheim, France, (an opportunity that not even the savviest car guys will ever have the chance to do.) Jenn has also been invited to some of the largest automotive and yachting shows in the world including the Geneva Auto Show and the Cannes Festival de la Plaisance. At these events, she has reported on the latest top-notch models for the year and upcoming trends, in the respective industries. 

Along with her highly popular "Boys Toys" series, Jenn also hosted and produced, "Vicarious Escapes". In this highly-rated, nationally airing travel show, Jenn circled the globe looking for the most intriguing travel destinations for the luxury-minded traveler. From scuba diving with the endangered green sea turtles in Tenerife, Canary Islands, to bobsledding and snacking on jerk chicken in Jamaica and attending not one but two, out-of-this-world, carnival celebrations in Malta. 

In addition to her two primary television series, she also has hosted and produced countless other television episodes and hard-hitting documentaries including Full Throttle, Behind the Gates, Wealth On the Water, Behind the Name, and Titanic: Voices from Beneath. In her time working at a nationally airing cable network, she produced and hosted over one-hundred, 30 to 60-minute television episodes, so it goes without saying that she is no stranger in front of the camera.  In fact, when she is not traveling around for her many television shows, Jenn also enjoys getting the chance to showcase her silly side by Hosting and Executive Producing her successful Children's Youtube channel Totally TV and her gadget oriented web-series, Gear Girl TV. She also has a background in the news industry and has had the opportunity to interview countless A-list celebs.

In addition to what you see in from of the camera, Jenn has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in TV/Film from California State University, Fullerton, as well as honorary awards in acting from the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  She also graduated high school in only three years and was crowned Miss La Verne of her very own hometown. Additionally, Jenn has been on numerous television shows and commercials, as well as magazine covers and calendars and is considered the Queen of Improv amongst her industry circle and friends. When she’s not in front of the camera she enjoys traveling, and spending time with family.

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